PTZOptics 12X-USB-WH-G2

-PTZOptics USB Cameras

USB PTZ Cameras

Powerful HD PTZ cameras built with USB 3.0 connectivity for plug and play use with video recording, streaming and conferencing applications.

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Powerful Controls & Optical Zoom

The plug and play USB 3.0 camera models are built with ease of use and compatibility in mind. With game changing optics and options for video communication installations.

USB connectivity is now available with options for HDMI and IP streaming in the latest USB PTZ cameras from PTZOptics. The combination of robust high definition video outputs and flexible camera control options are what makes this camera valuable. Realize the value of connecting this camera to any application just a webcam and enjoy the advanced camera control options which include iOS, Android, PTZ controllers, Joysticks and more.

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Remote Camera Control Options

-Smartphone: (ios, Android, Kindle)

-Software: OBS, livestream studio, Wirecast, vMix, MimoLive, 

Tricaster and more ...

- IP Joystick controller

- Serial joystick controller

-StreamDeck integration


- Open source control software on GitHub 

Designed to accommodate plug and play ease of use and more advanced video communication workflows. See just how easy it is to setup on your network below.